SAVE THE DATE 145th Camp Meeting at South Union Campground beginning Friday evening, July 20 -25, 2018.

2018 Campmeeting Schedule

Friday, July 20
    7:00 pm - Opening Worship Service

Saturday, July 21
      8:00 am - Devotional & Prayer
    11:00 am - Worship  7:00 pm - Congregational Hymn Sing & Preaching

Sunday, July 22
    8:00 am - Devotional & Prayer
  11:00 am – Worship
    6:30 pm - Joyful Noise Quartet    7:00 pm - Worship

Monday, July 23 - Camp South Union
    8:00 am - Devotional & Prayer
  11:00 am – Worship
    7:00 pm -  Worship

Tuesday, July 24 
    8:00 am - Devotional & Prayer
  11:00 am – Worship
    6:30 pm - Various Campmeeting Singers    7:00 pm - Worship

Wednesday, July 25 
    8:00 am - Devotional & Prayer
  11:00 am – Worship
    7:00 pm - Closing Worship

Campmeeting takes us back to a simpler time; just good old-fashioned worship of God under the 100 year-old open arbor with hymns like, “When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder,” “Revive Us Again” and “Love Lifted Me.” Campmmeeting affords us the opportunity to worship and to teach our children to worship in the same place our ancestors did, in the same way. We can go back to a single, uncomplicated time and place and always know that God is with us and He loves us.

Today many people believe the usefulness of the Campmeeting has passed. They consider it an old mode of operation that needs to be put to sleep. We strongly disagree. Instead of allowing the Campmeeting to die we should renew our efforts to bring it to new life. Far from being a dried relic of the past, Campmeetings still provide the opportunity for many people to hear the message of salvation and scriptural holiness.
MaMaw Blaine - Precious Memories

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